Start:  Starts a new position
Add: Adds on an existing position
Stop out:  Hits stop order and exit position

“Let Winners Run”  – Healthy uptrend, stop room 5%-8%


Tencent OTC

“Tight Leash” – Price action sort of problematic, stop room 3%-5%


Watch List
Payment Network: PYPL, SQ, MA, V
Enterprise software: RHT, CRM, WDAY; ANET

10/5 Started NFLX

9/25 TRIP Stopped out

9/22 Added TRIP

9/20 GRUB, AAPL Stopped out

9/12/2017 Start TRIP

9/5/2017 RCL stopped out;

9/1/2017 Selling into strength, took partial profit in WB; Rebalance Portfolio, move money from slower movers TCEHY, FB, PYPL, FSLR into BIDU, BABA, DATA

8/31/2017 Selling into strength, took partial profit in GILD ($73 to $84 in a week); SQQQ stopped out

8/30/2017 Started MNST, RCL, watching SQQQ stop@26.9

8/29/2017 VRX Stopped out; Added GILD, WB, BABA

8/28/2017 Added GILD



Old trades have been moved to “Historical Trades