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Last night I saw a message that our neighborhood middle school is looking for a volunteer to guide grade 6 – 8 students to attend stock market competition. The organizing student club is Future Business Leader of America (FBLA). Currently it has 100+ member and wants to sign up “Stock Market Game” via . It needs a parent volunteer so that they can proceed.

I’ve been following and trading US stock market for the past several years. It came to my mind recently that I want to start writing about US stock investment via twitter@huaiyouli, blog here and share my learning experience. I never really imagined that my first audience would be a bunch of middle school or high school students!

I hesitated a little bit. It’s generally agreed that over 10 stock market participants, 7 lose money, 2 make even and 1 wins. Stock market is risky and mysterious, even to ourselves, not mentioning all these young students. Also the Stock Market Game normally lasts 1 month to couple of months and requires students to trade every day. Are we going to day trade and trying to beat the market?

But then a louder voice in my mind says I should try it. We all learn math, science, sports and music in school education. But when did we start learning personal finance and investment? I didn’t learn finance and investment until I went to Berkeley Haas business school when I was almost 30. Isn’t it a bit late? It would be nice if I had some finance or investment exposure when I was in high school or college. After several years of trading and investment experience in US stock market, it all came to my mind that investment, or stock market trading doesn’t work exactly the same way all the economy and finance theory taught me. There is no single approach to the market. People day trade stocks or index, pick names, buy and hold etc, all different to fit different personality, risk appetite and timeline.

I want to volunteer for the middle school program because maybe the learning experience can place a seed in some young mind, stimulate constructive discussion and view the world in different perspective. Maybe the kids can now have another topic with their parents, even learn together?

I personally enjoy studying growth stock and prepared following presentation to start with. I will start with a 1-2 20 minutes talk to the students during their lunch time. It might be too dry and let’s see how they react. If they have interest and time permits, I can join school club’s Google group to answer some questions.

PDF: find-growth-stock-winner

For those students or parents who are reading this blog, please feel free to leave a comment about the topic you are interested in.

We are all students in the market. Our job is to get better every day and be prepared when there is an opportunity.

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