I recently decided to start writing about my stock trading. I feel it can help me keep things simple, focus on the relevant and actionable trading ideas.

I primarily use company fundamental, industry and stock price relative strength to select names, then I use price and volume in stock charts to time the entry and exit.  Many times I use major 50 day, 200 day moving average for an entry and exit decision. Historically I strongly favor growth names and technology sector. As market condition change, it seems necessary to follow more sectors.

I’ll briefly discuss my current positions, thought process and risk level for those names. I’ll try to let the winners run and cut the losers quickly (could be anywhere 3-8%).  This means I can be selling my losers days or months after I purchase.  Stock price itself will drive most of my decision making.

I hope you find these two pages on this website helpful,  if profitable then even better 🙂

Chimp’s Position: Current positions and their chart.
Chimp’s Watchlist:  Sectors and names that are showing relative strength or interesting setup. Most of these are pretty close to actionable trading ideas and need close attention.

I normally update these two pages at night or after market closes. For more real time trading update, please follow me at Twitter @huaiyouli.

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