Case Studies

For short term trading, these are the kind of powerful moves we can look for.


Names in oil sector are shapping up. $WLL looks ready. wll_11-23-2016-9-34-48-am

11/28 – 11/29
Pre OPEC meeting market anixety and sell off, good time to start a position if you decide to participate in oil sector. My 11/23 positoin was down already, yes, I was too earily couple of days. However the chart was not broken and I expected big move after OPEC move, so HOLD.

11/30 opened strongly, price gapped up 10%+,  I tweeted this chart and added my position.


Sometimes market just surprises you, WLL closed up 30% on 11/30. Many other oil names were also up 10%.


12/1 WLL has another 10% move up to $13.4, at this time, you might start taking profit , e.g: sell 1/4-1/2, since it moved too fast, 30-45% price move in couple of days. However if your timeframe is longer for oil sector,  wait for pullback and add more to participate longer term movement.

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