12/9/2017 Started SBUX

12/7/2017 Started TCEHY, SQ, FLT

12/6/2017 Added GOOGL

11/29/2017: Most high tech names hit stop, TCHEY, WB, NVDA, AVGO, MU, NFLX;

11/28/2017: Added KBH, AMTD, XLF; Took profit in RHT, VMW, ADBE, PYPL, BABA

11/9/2017: SOHU Stopped out, sohu negative reaction to SOGO IPO; Started KBH, MU

11/1/2017: Started SOHU, anticipating SOGO IPO; AVGO

Oct 2017: Earning season, positions rebalanced (BIDU, EDU stopped out) to reflect earnings

10/5 Started NFLX

9/25 TRIP Stopped out

9/22 Added TRIP

9/20 GRUB, AAPL Stopped out

9/12/2017 Start TRIP

9/5/2017 RCL stopped out;

9/1/2017 Selling into strength, took partial profit in WB; Rebalance Portfolio, move money from slower movers TCEHY, FB, PYPL, FSLR into BIDU, BABA, DATA

8/31/2017 Selling into strength, took partial profit in GILD ($73 to $84 in a week); SQQQ stopped out

8/30/2017 Started MNST, RCL, watching SQQQ stop@26.9

8/29/2017 VRX Stopped out; Added GILD, WB, BABA

8/28/2017 Added GILD

Started VRX,  risky play, smaller size;
Started GILD

Selling into strength, took partial profit in BABA, WB, WUBA

Started DATA, GRUB

Added BABA, EDU; JD, XLF stopped out; Added short exposure SQQQ

Buying into weakness, added BIDU, WB, AAPL, FB

NTES, IBB, RHT, QIWI Stopped out

Selling into strength, took partial profit in BABA, JD, WB, QIWI

Been travelling in July summer and didn’t update positions in real timely fashion;

6/30: Watching
US Financials: XLF, C, WFC
Biotech: IBB, XBI, GILD
Solar secotors: TAN, FSLR, SPWR

6/29: Stop orders hit for most positions
Scale down Googl positon

6/22 – 6/23:
Sector rotation: Started position in biotech sector,  solar, using ETF, IBB, XBI, TAN

Started GRUB, UA

Increased market exposure by adding existing positions: BABA, NVDA, Googl
Started 1 new position: NTES

6/15 Holding large pct of cash while waiting for market direction
TSLA: One of the strongest high beta name, watch closely
NVDA: Consolidating here, might need a little bit more time here after high volume sell off day last Friday

6/9/2017 High tech positions under heavy selling pressure, sector rotation under way, I’m looking at biotech, financials and oil

JD, AVGO, FB, ATVI, EA, PYPL, MA, V, CMCM, DATA stopped out; NVDA, TSLA stopped out 3/4

6/7/2017: CMG stopped out

Cut weight of many names, positions getting tired and showing topping signals;

Took profit on $TCEHY, $MELI, $NTES; exited GRUB

5/25: Starts DATA here; don’t have many bottom fishing names in my positions, this is one of them

5/24: Starts WB, FB

5/16: UA stopped out;
Took some partial profit in ADBE, MELI, NFLX, ATVI, BABA(Earning out 5/18)

5/15/2017 Hope it’s not too late, Started AVGO, EA as planned; SRCL still looks ok, but had to cut it to give room for better leaders AVGO and EA

5/14: Adding two labels to positions

“Let Winners Run”: Healthy uptrend, give them more room 5%-8% for stop
“Tight Leash”: Price action sort of problematic, very close stop order, 3%-5%

Watch names AAPL, AVGO and EA for opportunity to add

5/10: exited XHB, SHW for stronger name NVDA (earning out, very positive market action);

5/8/2017 JD earning out, started some

5/3 Indian ticket booking, MMYT raised $500m at $36, sell off and my position is stopped out 39.25, about -2% from purchase (why setting up stop order is important)

Disney stopped out also

5/2/2017 Payment networks MasterCard earning released, started MA at the opening;  Can own a basket of payment holdings: $MA, $V, $PYPL

Started a riskier name: CMCM

5/1/2017 Started a small postion in MMYT, earning 5/16
GRUB Strong moving after earning

4/27/2017  Too many names, exited large cap AAPL; exited PHM, looking for more small cap names to buy. After earning names CMG, UA have my attention right now

Earning out, added more on UA

4/26 Small position UA before earning

4/25/2017 Started NFLX, YY

4/24/2017 $SRCL, hospital waste management, started some here, will add if pulling back

Started $SHW

4/20/2017: Buy out speculative name $TSRO stopped out; This thing never worked for me 🙂

Started $NTES, seems like more downside room, but I’m picking up some here; Also started a position in ATVI, ADBE

4/19/2017 Exited TNAV, in a trading range, not my type; Lower position exposure by taking some profit in TCEHY, BABA

4/18/2017: CF, TSO stopped out; Started some Disneyland DIS

4/10/2017 Restaurant $CMG, been shaken out mutliple times in 2017. Character changed, added to my holdings

4/7/2017 Stopped out NCLH at 50 moving average

4/4/2017 Start TSRO, MLCO

4/3/2017 Start TSLA, breaking out

3/27/2017 Start AAPL, MELI

All time high and then reversed on large volume. I’m cautious and cut some exposure. Several names hit my stops SOHU, CYOU, YY, JD, NTES, YNDX, TSLA, FB

Start CF; Took some profit from TCEHY, YY, GOOGL, FB

Started $TNAV, $TSLA

CMG stopped out again

Started XHB

CSIQ Stopped out

Started YNDX, YY; MOS Stopped out

Started PHM

NVDA double top, stopped out near 50 Moving Average

Did a little bit portfolio clean up, exited POT, ATHM, GDX. Started a new solar sector name CSIQ; FB, NVDA

Started CMG

2/16: LC stopped out; started GDX

SFUN, YELP stopped out; Added NCLH

CMG, CCJ stopped out; will revist these 2 names after settling down

BITA, Z stopped out

Started CMG, earning 2/2 to watch

Started new names SFUN, BITA, TSO

1/16/2017 – 1/22/2017
Several names hit stop order, CLF, UA, AMX, RIG

Started LC, ATHM, NTES

Sold some CCJ to lock profit

Stopped out IBB, XBI, WDC, Z, NTES, XME; Started AMX, MOS, NCLH

Added BABA; SHAK, WETF Stopped out

Started BABA, NTES, POT, SHAK(cfo leaving, dropped 8%)

Started CYOU, added SOHU, XBI, IBB, stopped out HPE, GRUB, DNKN


Started $CCJ, $XBI, $RIG

Stopped order hit on 12/28, BLK, CBI, ALK, JBLU, NCLH; Started YELP, GRUB, TCEHY, UA

BCEI stop order hit

BABA stop order hit, exited with a loss

Started BABA, BCEI, added HPE

Started Z, DNKN

Added more CS, WDC, Started NCLH, BLK

FLS, FCX, CNX hit stopped order

ZTO stopped out at 13.3

MPEL, LVS, casino stocks hit hard by negative news; Stopped out for now

12/7/2016 Trades
I was in profit taking mode for extended sectors:
NUE, X (Steel sector very extended);
Took profit in UA (Class A/C shares symbol change, chart not my type)
RH(Earning 12/8, I don’t normally hold position for earning release)
CDEV(Revisit later)

Airelines: ALK, JBLUE
Machinary: FLS
IT Service: HPE (Hewlett Packard Ent)

12/5/2016 Current long positions:

Steel/Metals: X, NUE, FCX
Coal: CNX
Oil Construction: CBI
Fertilizer: CF
European Banks: CS
Casinos: MPEL, LVS
Semiconductor: AMAT
Retailer: RH
Education: EDU, sold 1/2 at $45, lock 7% gain. Wait for fraud news settle down
NFLX: In case money rotates back to tech/internet names

Watching for Stop Out:
Consumer Brand: UA.C


12/2/2016 Current long positions: 
Oil: $WLL, $CDEV
Steel: X, NUE
Fertilizer: CF
Casino stocks: MPEL, LVS
Semiconductor: AMAT
Retailer: RH
Consumer Brand: UA.C
Education: EDU, news driven event,  an education fraud investigation news drove it down to lowest $37. I was late for the party 🙂 started some at $42, very risky play.

Stopped out
Chinese P2P Lending: YRD

Watch for stopping out:
UA.C: Very weak

11/30/2016 Current long positions: 
Oil: WLL, crazy 30%+ move today, added more at open; CDEV
Steel: X, NUE
Fertilizer: CF
Casino stocks: MPEL, LVS
Semiconductor: AMAT, took profit for half position
Consumer Brand: UA.C
Chinese P2P Lending: YRD
Retailer: RH

Watch for stopping out:
European Banks: CS. Bottom fishing names, slowly building my positions. Risk: High
Payment Networks: PYPL, weakening along tech sector

Sectors/Names I’m watching
Moved to “Chimp’s Watch List” page

Exited Position
DB: Stopped out on 11/28.  I’m nervous about coming Italy referendum, otherwise I would buy back at this level. Only keep $CS for now.
New IPO:ZTO (Chinese ZTO Express): Price action not ideal after earning. Need more time here and will revisit later

11/23/2016 Current long positions: 
Semiconductor: AMAT. Risk: Medium
Payment Networks: PYPL. Risk: Medium
Casino stocks: MPEL, LVS. Risk: Medium
Steel: X, NUE. Great recommendation from last week, 10%+
Fertilizer: CF
Oil: WLL
European Banks: DB, CS. Bottom fishing names, slowly building my positions. Risk: High
Consumer Brand: UA.C, non voting share, trading at 20+% discount to Under Armour (UA) share. Right approach is long UA.C, short UA, arbitrating.
Chinese P2P Lending: YRD. Risk: High
New IPO: ZTO (Chinese ZTO Express), sold at $16.5 11/21, 10% gain in 2 days. Bought back at 15.3 on 11/23

Sectors/Names I’m watching
Social Media/Internet: WB, FB, ZG, YELP
Retailer: RH
Gold: NUGT (Day or short term trading opportunity)

11/18/2016 Current long positions: 
Payment Networks: PYPL. Risk: Medium
Casino stocks: MPEL, LVS. Risk: Medium
European Banks: DB, CS. Bottom fishing names, slowly building my positions. Risk: High
Chinese P2P Lending: YRD. Risk: High
New IPO: ZTO (Chinese ZTO Express), short term trading idea. Risk: High

Sectors/Names I’m watching
Steel/Metals: X, AKS
Fertilizers: CF, MOS
Airlines: AAL, JBLU